10/18-11/1 Bi-Weekly Roundup – Articles

4-Year-Old at Grocery Store Calls Lonely Widower ‘Old,’ And Mom Is Floored By His Response

‘I spend half my days in accelerated classes and the other half in special ed’

The Anxious, Unfinished Story of Chinese-American Assimilation

Chris Hemsworth Perfectly Called Himself Out on Cultural Appropriation

This is What It’s Like to be White and Latino in Texas

Where are all the White American NBA Players? 

I Was Never Jackie Chan, and I’m Not Jeremy Lin

Howard University Changed My Life

What Bothered Me About Howard University

Marlon James: Why I’m Done Talking About Diversity

Why Donald Trump says “the” before “African Americans” and “Latinos”

Linguistics Explains Why Trump Sounds Racist When He Says “The” African Americans

“To Be White is to be Racist, Period,” A High School Teacher Told His Class

Struggling for an Emmett Till Memorial That Withstands Gunshots

The White Flight of Derek Black



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