9/30-10/17 Not So Weekly Roundup – Articles

I clearly can’t keep to a schedule. I’ll still try to update as regularly as I can though. At least there’s more articles because it’s been a longer time range?

Third-Party Voting is the Height of White Privilege

The New York Times’s Lawyer Responds to Donald Trump

I Hardly Expected My Letter to Donald Trump to Go Viral

Humans of New York and the Cavalier Consumption of Others

The Huddled Masses And The Myth of America

The Most Liberal Universities in the United States

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China

An Open Letter to the ‘New York Times’ Who Told Brown Asians They Don’t Matter

Mexican Taco Stand Switches to Haitian Food to Give Stranded Immigrants a Taste of Home

What San Francisco Says About America

Survival of the Richest

Taking a Stand: How Schools Should Respond to National-Anthem Protests

Ivy League Professor: ‘I Would Much Rather My Own Children Interact with Drugs than with the Police’

Columbia Student on Dearth of Black Faculty: It’s ‘The Chinks in our Armor that Give Us the Courage’

What Makes Call-Out Culture So Toxic

What Would it Mean for France to Accommodate Muslims? 

Britain’s View of its History ‘Dangerous’, Says Former Museum Director

What People Did When an Ivy League Professor Wrote Faculty of Color Don’t Get Jobs Because ‘We Don’t Want Them’


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