Adventures in Student Teaching

This semester, I’m finishing my last semester of student teaching. I’ve been meaning to get this blog up and running for a few weeks now, but I’ve (obviously) been putting it off–and student teaching has been kind of crazy (busy) so far.

I wanted to start this blog when, a couple of days after I read “Superman and Me” in class, I stumbled onto an article on Facebook that piqued my interest. I immediately wanted to talk to my students about it, but, to have my students read the article and then to have a discussion about the article and its implications, would have inevitably pushed our lesson plans back a day in the midst of an already hectic start to the school year. So I decided to create a blog. (Read the blog I had in mind here). There’s SO MUCH that I want to share with my students, but I really don’t have enough time. I suppose that’s the dilemma that most teachers face. There’s always more to share and teach, but time in the classroom is finite.

This blog is partly a way for me to write about my thoughts and experiences as a  learner, thinker, and a reader in today’s modern age of technology. (In general, this website will also be a space for resources for students in my English courses.) It’s also a place that my students can come to learn more about the topics and readings that we engage with in class. And I suppose the (not so) implicit implication of this blog is that it’s a space where my students can come to learn more about me.

So! Here’s to blogging and learning!


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